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Stella McCartney Augmented Reality

Working with the amazing creative team at Pebble Studios we developed this Augmented Reality experience for Stella McCartney for her Yoshitomo Nara collection. So popular was this collection that by the time we released the AR experience (as part of the exhibition) it had completely sold out!

We used the 8th Wall Web Augmented Reality platform to release the campaign. They provide the best AR experience for the Web and have some incredible tools for developers. We highly recommend them for brands who want to utilise the magic of Augmented Reality without having to release an app. We can help you to integrate these experiences into an existing website or social media strategy.

Here’s a video showing the Augmented Reality campaign on-site. Observe how the images within the mural are not entirely visible but the software was still able to recognise and augment them. Very impressive.

Project Details

Date: March 10, 2021

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