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Sciex Virtual Product Launch

Working with Pebble Studios again, we developed a Virtual Product Launch for Sciex. In the grips of the global pandemic, many companies have had to utilise online tools to create a sense of presence and immersion as an alternative to their usual conferences, exhibitions, and symposia. Sciex had an incredible new product range to announce to the world and they were keen to make a big impact. A live launch was organised and coincided with Webinars in different time zones over a period of two days. The Webinar links were published using a countdown clock and then broadcast the Keynote speech in real-time to create that sense of a live experience. Pebble did a fantastic job of integrating the 360 virtual sets used in the website into the keynote video to really emphasise the feeling of presence and immersion.

Here is a video showing the usability of the website post-launch.

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