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Pebble Studios were working with their client Sciex on an important new product launch, and wanted to use Augmented Reality in an innovative, and creative way. They had a great exhibition space, and a captive audience; all they needed was the innovation.


Together with Pebble, we devised an Augmented Reality puzzle that visitors to the exhibition could engage with using an iPad. The exhibition space was populated with plinths with an Augmented Reality marker placed on top. This marker became the launch pad for the puzzle.

When activated a swarm of molecules appears and animates to form what seems to be a random formation. By dragging across the screen the user is able to rotate the molecules to try and find a secret message. Aligning the molecules in just the right way, reveals the answers.

Sciex also gave away special plastic cubes with markers printed on them. These could also be augmented with the app to reveal a 3D model of their new machine.


The exhibition went down really well, and the product launch was a great success. Pebble were delighted with the results, and it was a very smooth process working with their 3D artists on the content. Both Weald Creative and Pebble Studios learnt a lot from the experience, and we are looking forward to our next project together.

Here’s the AR experience app in use at the exhibition:

Sciex AR Marker
Project Details

Date: July 19, 2019

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