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The Royal Mail approached their creative agency, Havas to help them build a strategy for Voice. A channel they have yet to explore, and were unsure about. What is their tone of voice? How can we make it easier for customers to navigate our help service? What types of Voice assistants should they publish?


Working with Havas and VUX World, we developed a strategy for Royal Mail, that explored ideas around utility and Brand awareness. We identified personas, researched their competitors offerings, and formulated a roadmap and production plan for a series of Alexa Skills. We also tested the waters by developing a small skill called Last Posting Dates which allows customers to find out when they should post their letters or gifts to arrive around the world before Christmas. We also updated the app for Mother’s Day.


As a proof-of-concept Royal Mail received positive feedback about the Last Posting Dates skill, and they are currently discussing the next phase of their Voice Strategy.

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