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When your showroom is tucked away on the roof of a shop in Tunbridge Wells, and the head-office is miles away in Manchester, it’s hard get the punters in to see your amazing German Kitchens. This was the problem facing Kütchenhaus. Their kitchens are incredible, and after climbing our way up to the roof, we discovered an Aladdin’s cave of 360 video treasures; a really interesting space, crying out to be filmed and shown to the world.

So how can Kütchenhaus put their clients into the showroom from the comfort of their own home?


360 photography and video is an immersive experience that can easily be viewed from a Facebook page, on YouTube, or other online platforms. The videos can be viewed using cheap Virtual Reality headsets like the Google Cardboard, and this can be plat-packed, branded and sent out to the customer as part of a Direct Marketing campaign.

Weald Creative shot, edited and published a promotional 360 video for Kütchenhaus, which they published on their Facebook page. We also gave them a gallery of high quality 360 photography that they have been uploading with ease.


Kütchenhaus are delighted with the results of the shoot, and the kitchens look stunning in high-definition. We look forward to working with them in the future, and being immersed in this incredible German engineering.

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