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What is a JaxBox?

Since the Victorian age, children have played with a Jack-in-the-box toy, and delighted their friends with the surprise inside. We want to take this concept and reinvent it for a new Augmented Reality. A Jax Box will be a virtual character that is customised and sent to friends and family via the app; the recipient then receives the Jax Box as a unique virtual greeting, augmented in the real world.

How does it work?

JaxBox uses a new Augmented Reality method that does not rely on a printed marker. Unlike other AR Greetings Cards, JaxBox does not rely on a card. The virtual greeting is composed in the app, and then sent immediately to the recipient. When a greeting is opened, the recipient is prompted to scan the floor, or any other horizontal surface; the character, and greeting, then appear, as if by magic, in the real world.

When will it launch?

JaxBox is currently in development, and a Beta will be released to the public towards the end of the year and focus on the Holiday Season.

Want to be involved?

We are currently looking for investment in the Jax Box project, and invite potential business partners to get in touch so we can present our vision for the future.

We are also looking for 3D Character artists to join us on this journey, so if you have experience with Augmented Reality, and preparing assets for mobile devices, please get in touch with examples of your work.

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