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Where are all the Hustlers and Hipsters?

  22.10.2019   Lee Probert   Business   No comments

Quite a while ago, back in 2012, Rei Inamoto, the chief creative officer at AKQA (at the time), shared some wisdom about how to run the most efficient team. It

Context is King with Augmented Reality

I’ve been seeing a lot of posts heralding television graphics (like the one in the image above), as incredible examples of Augmented Reality, and Mixed Reality—one expert went so far

Conducting Business in Virtual Reality (part 2 of 2)

In part one of this article we asked the question Why would you want to conduct business in Virtual Reality? and looked at some of the options now available with

Conducting Business in Virtual Reality (part 1 of 2)

Introduction Let’s be clear what I mean by conduct business in VR: I’m talking about VR as a tool enabling businesses to communicate with each other: meetings, conferences, seminars, presentations

The avatar is dead; long live the avatar

The world is going to get crazy. Crazy cool, but also completely bonkers.